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Saturday, December 25, 2010

wAnNa Lebiu...

It's must be because i'm a fool girl..
It's must be ok even it's hurt..
even if u tease me that it's a foolish love..
Because i'm such a helpless fool..
I want to be good to him..
It's enough to make me happy..
Even if he smiles at me once,
i'm happy with that smile..
Until the end of my life,
i'm just going to stay by his side..
It's a love that make me happy..
So, i won't not wish for anything more..
In a place where he can always reach me if he holds out his hand..
In a place where i can always hear him if he calls out to me..
In a place where i can be by his side all the time he need me..
I will stay there without any change..
Because i love him....

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