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Monday, April 25, 2011

i Cry

Sometimes when im alone I cry
Cause I am on my own
Bcoz of something I couldn’t tell
Bcoz of the thing that make me dishevelled

The tears I cry are bitter and warm
Its flow smooth on my cheek
They flow with life but take no form
And the tears also couldn’t tell everything
But just let it go smoothly hope for the comfort

I cry bcoz my heart is torn
I find it heavy to carry on
It difficult to keep it on my own
But its hard to let others know

If I had an ear to confide
I would cry among my treasured friend
But who else can stop that long to help another carry on
The world moves fast and it would rather pass by
Then to stop and see what makes one cry
So painful and sad
And sometimes
I cry
And no one cares about why

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Just a Moment !

there are moments in your life
that make you and set the course
for who you are going to be

sometimes there are such a little moments
sometimes there are big moments

no one ask for their life to change,
but it does
its what you do afterwards that counts
thats when you found out who you are

when find out who you are
and do it on purpose
the only thing in life you will regret,
are the risks that you didn't take...

and in the end
its not about how many years in your life
its the life in your years
how you take care of it